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  • Teliani Valley is launching new wines in the US

    Teliani Valley is launching new wines in the US

    Making the world a little more Georgian!

    Teliani Valley and the leading US Georgian wine importer, Georgian House of Greater Washington (Georgian Wine House), are introducing the new outstanding wines of “Winery 97” and “Glekhuri” to the US.

    “Teliani Valley’s three new series “Winery 97”, “Glekhuri” and artisan wines collection “Wine People” represent an innovative and thoughtful new strategy on how to bring the best Georgian wine selection to
    the American consumer.” says Noel Brockett, President of Georgian Wine House. “Together we laying the groundwork for Georgia’s growing success in the US market.”

    In the beginning seven wines from Teliani Valley will be launched and added to Georgian Wine House’s portfolio: Amber Blend (kakhuri #8), Saperavi, Tsolikouri and Saperavi Selection, by “Winery 97”, and three Qvevri wines of "Glekhuri” Rkatsiteli, “Glekhuri” Kisi and “Glekhuri“ Kisiskhevi Saperavi.

    “In 2020 Teliani Valley is taking its exceptional wine to the United States. Since last year, we have
    decided to present a special selection of Teliani’s authentic wines to wine lovers and enthusiasts in US.
    We have worked closely with winemakers,

    “Georgian Wine House” and US wine buyers to build a range
    that is both contemporary yet infused with the long traditions and culture of Georgian winemaking. I am
    glad to see that products have safely arrived in US.” Says Irakli Bokuchava, Commercial Director of JSC
    “Teliani Valley”.

    Today Teliani is at the very forefront of Georgian wine. The winery attracts and supports the most
    exciting winemakers in Georgia, and gives them everything they need to make ground breaking,
    transcendent wines.

    “Winery 97” and “Glekhuri” wines are available in US from October 2020.

    It’s an invitation to come and join us. But more than that - it’s an opportunity to sense, experience the
    world in a way that will move you. It’s an invitation to awaken your soul, laugh and love like a Georgian,
    change the way you look at the world, and be just a little more Georgian.

    Georgian Wine House started importing Georgian wines to US market in the 2005. Over the last two
    decades, they have grown into one of the leading Georgian wine importers in the US with developed
    market penetration across the US. They focus on building strong partnerships with wineries, distributors,
    retailers and customers. They trust their partners to create singularly unique wines and trust their
    consumers to recognize the unmatched character of Georgian wines.