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  • Teliani - the story behind the wine

    Teliani – the story behind the wine

    Teliani Valley  is a winery making some of the most vibrant, different, fresh, mind altering wines in the world. And doing it with such joy, hope and soul. And it’s done not in a kind of homespun hit-or-miss way. Combining state of the art wine craft – the science of how to coax the best from nature – with a wisdom and inherited know-how that comes from a line of winemakers stretching back 8000 years.

    This is the wine of Georgia – a land blessed with more than 500 grape varieties, a geography and a climate that is God given when it comes to vines, and an approach to winemaking that is at the core of who we are.

    Teliani is at the very forefront of Georgian wine. The roots of the business are in the personal sacrifice of cutting edge winemakers pooling their passion and resources to make great wines. Teliani Valley today attracts and supports the most exciting winemakers in Georgia, and gives them everything they need to make ground breaking, transcendent wines. These are artists at work. Experts – given the creative freedom to make what they want from the grapes that grow through the land.

    There are gutsy reds, delicate and refreshing whites and flinty amber wines. And beyond the wines there is much more to that world to discover – the chance to meet the makers, to travel to and through Georgia, to share and share and share the wine and the food with the people who have brought it into the world.

    This is an invitation to awaken your soul, laugh and love like a Georgian, change the way you look at the world, and be just a little more Georgian!