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These are wines to bring people together, to share stories, songs, tears, love, laughter and life. This is a winery Teliani Valley. Our wines are an invitation to awaken your soul, change the way you look at the world and be just a little more Georgian.

Teliani Valley - hand built by winemakers. It was 1997, they wanted to make the wines they had always dreamed of, in the Georgian way, combining tradition and skills. This is the wine of Georgia.


    Winery 97

    There are gutsy reds, delicate and refreshing whites and flinty amber wines. Today Teliani is at the very forefront of Georgian wine, attracts and supports the most exciting winemakers.

    Georgia, Birthplace of Wine

    • Capital: Tbilisi
    • Area: 69,700 km²
    • Population: 3.985 mln

    8000 years

    500 grape varieties