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  • Teliani Valley is now in the UK

    Teliani Valley is now in the UK

    Making the world a little more Georgian!

    In 2020 Teliani Valley is taking its exceptional wine to The United Kingdom.

    Teliani Valley and the leading UK based distributor Boutinot are introducing the outstanding Georgian wines of “Winery 97” and “Glekhuri” to the UK market.

    For the company it was interesting journey to do the great wine selection for the British consumer. Five wines from Teliani Valley is launched in Uk and added to Boutinot’s portfolio: Saperavi Unfiletered,Saperavi and amber wine - Kakhuri #8 by “Winery 97” and “Glekhuri” Qvevri wines - Kisi and Kisiskhevi Saperavi.

    Today Teliani is at the very forefront of Georgian wine. We attract and support the most exciting winemakers in Georgia, and give them everything they need to make ground breaking, transcendent wines. Our wine is an invitation to awaken your soul, laugh and love like a Georgian, change the way you look at the world and be just a little more Georgian.

    Boutinot’s portfolio consists of over 1400 wines and more than 44 million bottles are sold each year, supplying a huge variety of wines to UK and international retailers, restaurateurs and wholesalers. Boutinot is very particular about what they do and who they work with to ensure every bottle contains only the best wine sourced from the finest grapes. Teliani valley wines are available in Uk from May 2020.